Making music together since 1992, the west coast guy met the southern girl in a tiny Midwestern town they dubbed "Mayberry" and they said, "I do."


They are excited about sharing their special blend of classic rock, country, folk & blues with you!


Ronny Lee has performed for thousands of people in a vast diversity of musical venues from coast to coast for more than three decades.  Today, his primary interest is simply to sing and play music that brings joy to anyone who loves music.  Ronny believes "Life is a song and love is the music."

Jolie Renee grew up singing with her father who was a music teacher.  She studied Theater at the University of Chattanooga and has been active in theater and music all of her life.  Highlights include leading musical theater roles, singing with the all-girl blues & jazz group "Hot Flash"and making music with her "One-Man-Band" - Ronny Lee.

"ROJO Toursis Ronny and Jolie's other passion, leading tours from Phoenix to Sedona, AZ.  Along the way they guide their guests to amazing historical sights, explore remarkable vistas, experience art galleries, do a little wine tasting and play live play live music at one of the wine tasting spots.  Click on the link for more information!